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Puro… is growing!

PURO is an innovative format that portrays artisanal ice cream making as the focus of healthy eating, together with a welcoming, original environment, as well as environmentally friendly that conveys the value of goodness and genuineness. PURO… naturally good, it is growing with you! As a matter of fact, we are delighted to announce to you the new openings of our premise in two locations that are unique for their central position and beauty:

Puro will now be in:

SALERNO – Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 227 Salerno

SORRENTO – Via Luigi De Maio, 19/21 Sorrento



We Love Puro a Sorrento

You are invited to come see these new premises that will be able to capture your senses through the taste and the fragrance of our coffees, of our ice creams and chocolate in a way that only Puro can do…. You can also enjoy the areas at your disposal, for they are warmly welcoming, for their colors, for the kind and helpful staff and for the warranty of quality that only the brand Puro can offer you!

What are you waiting for? Come see us now in our new locations in Sorrento and Salerno!


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